Common questions

  • What is the main difference between Hushmail for Healthcare and Hushmail Business?

    Hushmail for Healthcare includes industry specific features such as a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and an email archive for HIPAA compliance, as well as secure forms, which allow your patients to send you secure messages and attachments through your website.

  • I need to meet my HIPAA requirements; do I need a BAA with Hushmail?

    Yes. Healthcare professionals that engage a third party to receive, maintain or transmit PHI on their behalf must have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) confirming the third party's agreement to comply with the HIPAA rules and to be legally liable for the same. Hushmail supports HIPAA compliance and signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with all its customers.

  • What do patients who are not using Hushmail see when they receive an encrypted email?

    Your patients receive an email notification from us informing them that they have a secure email from you. This email contains a link where a patient can go to read your message and reply to it securely. Learn how it works.

  • Will my patients need to create a Hushmail account to read my encrypted emails?

    No. Patients who don’t use Hushmail don’t need to create an account with us to receive your secure emails. Here’s an illustration showing how it works.

  • Can my patients send me secure messages and attachments through my website?

    Yes, with Hush™ Secure Forms (included in Hushmail for Healthcare) you can have a form on your website that encrypts data and sends it securely to your Hushmail address. This is an easy way for your patients to initiate secure contact with you, without needing any other technical requirements. All they have to do is complete the form and submit it.

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